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  • How to Learn Faster

    There are several evidence based learning techniques that can help you learn faster. One place anyone can save time is with low-quality techniques like re-reading and highlighting.

  • How to Read a Research Paper

    Do not read every paper in it’s entirety. This is going to waste a lot of time. Quick workflow Title > Abstract > Conclusion > Results > Discussion > Figures and Tables > Materials > Methods

  • How to Make It Engaging

    Preface Whether you’re a student or a lifelong learner, the following tips in this page will explain how to make something engaging for either yourself or others. One of the best ways to know that we know something is through teaching it to someone else.

  • Some Notes on Event Cinema

    This page outlines the ‘Event Cinema’ Theory.

  • Julia Morgan

    A collection of information about Julia Morgan

  • 10,000 steps

    Myth of a Milestone If you grew up hearing 10,000 steps a day is good for you, I’m here to burst that bubble. When you first learned of that number, you might have thought to yourself, “10k is such a memorable, round figure.

  • What About The Exception?

    Whenever you give advice online or say anything there’s usually a response that this doesn’t apply all the time. It’s not meant to apply every time, just like a heuristic isn’t meant to be applied indiscriminately in every situation.

  • Two Modes of Thinking

    Preface The two modes of thinking were first popularized by Professor Barbara Oakley in her book, “A Mind For Numbers.” In it, she talks about how we exist in one mode or the other and switch between them.

  • Taking Care of Denim

    Table Stakes There are many answers to “how often should I wash my jeans?” Honestly, there’s a lot of information, and somehow, even more opinions. I’m by no means an expert so I will be threading my thoughts and notes here as I read.

  • hit pause

    Breath Everything will speed up around you if you let it and the only antidote I’ve seemed to find to this has been this–think deliberate, and the faster you think, the slower time is.

  • Scrap

    Scrap has many forms. It can be related to junk. A heap of things you don’t need. Scrap can be in reference to the verb scrapping. It can refer to a friendly spar with a foe.

  • essay 5

    Placeholder Demo Page Well, I’ll put something here eventually!

  • essay 7

    An unfilled essay. Demo Page Books Yup, it’s another page I haven’t decided on what to write yet!

  • Phrases

    A working list of phrases I’ve coin in my thinking and writing. Not exhaustive but I’ll keep returning to it to update. [Keep the Lights On] [Keep Your Kin Warm]

  • Keep Your Kin Warm

    It can be fun to argue with people. I mean, that’s why some people join debate clubs in high school right? When they age out of that though, they turn to online forums, Twitter/X, and wherever else a comment section exists.

  • Keep the Lights On

    [keep the lights on] is the idea that sufficiency is sometimes needed before acting on ambition. You have to do what you have to do to make it to the next step, day, phase, etc.

  • Sarah Burton's Alexander McQueen

    I’m collecting some of my favorite looks from Sarah Burton’s run at Alexander McQueen as creative director. 2011 RTW Alexander McQueen 2011 RTW Alexander McQueen (I still haven’t figured out how to make the gallery look the specific way I want within the default Hugo template I’m using.

  • Mary T. Meagher

    Olympic Swimmer Mary T Meagher’s legacy is in her work as a swimmer, commentator and mentor. Her dominance in butterfly events have had coaches and other swimmers studying her technique in order to emulate her.

  • The Suit

    This is an all-encompassing note on suits. “suit” is derived from the French term suivre, which means “to follow.” (jacket follows the pants or pants follow the jacket) Beau Brummell – can’t talk about suits without Brummel.

  • Waystone Friends

    The special kind of friendships that you feel secure in, even if you don’t see each other every day.

  • Clathrate Gun Hypothesis

    Why should YOU be worried? Photo by Guy Bowden The Clathrate Gun has already been fired. The video below shows a lead researcher breaking down while reading out the results of her study which concludes that the Clathrate Gun has been already been fired.